Legacy Dried Chicken – An Overview

dried_whole_chicken_fillet  Sometimes you often find yourself in a hurry, probably because you are late for work, but the  angry screams from your hungry stomach won’t just let you go without ingesting something. And now here comes the disturbing question, what do I eat? The truth is you don’t have to compromise the balanced diet your body deserves simply because you are in a hurry. Legacy has just the solution for you, so you need not worry anymore.

Now Legacy specializes in catering for such emergency cases through offering low cost freeze-dried foods that are ideal and easy to cook during such times. Particularly, the freeze dried chicken is one meal you don’t want to miss. Legacy freeze dried chicken is offered in a special package that contains 16 servings per bag. Each serving weighs approximately 28 grams, 90% of the weight being entirely proteins. Additionally, each serving is capable of adding up to 130 calories into the body. Quite amazing, I presume. Therefore, with Legacy freeze dried chicken, you are assured of a healthier lifestyle with an enhanced immune system, muscle building and other related nutritional benefits.

Legacy freeze dried chicken dices add essential bulk to any food storage supply and due to the proper preservation measures taken, the meat flavor is not lost.in fact, you will realize that it tastes just the same as when it was packaged, with the same flavor and tender feel.Legacy freeze dried chicken is very easy to prepare. Actually, the procedure can even be carried by a kid. You simply need to add water to rehydrate and soak the meat for a minute and you are ready to go. Furthermore, you can add any spice or incorporate any other dish to your own convenience since chicken matches with almost any meal. And the real beauty in this freeze dried chicken is that it is GMO free, so you don’t have to worry about a cancer risk.

Legacy freeze dried chicken comes packed in an oxygen absorber and nitrogen flushed pouch that gives it a longer and durable shelf life of up to 25 years. The pouch is also so designed that it allows the user to reseal it any time. On opening the package, the freeze dried chicken can last for one month under room conditions and up to three months in refrigerated conditions. Furthermore, the package is very light in weight for enhanced convenience to allow you to add it to your food storage supply back at home without having to make so much room. The bag also stands easily on the shelf so you just have to store and walk without looking back. This is a perfect way to brighten up your dull emergency food storage supply by adding some proteins and fiber.

Legacy freeze dried chicken is healthy, delicious and absolutely storable to give you that guarantee of a long term supply of proteins and other essentials in your emergency storage. Once you purchase the dried chicken, you are also guaranteed of the legacy premium that ensures that you get that delicious serving at an affordable price to add proteins to your dehydrated emergency food storage supply without unnecessary fat and sodium. Legacy dried chicken is awesome for daily use, the perfect way to go about for your emergency dieting.


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