How Beneficial Dried Foods Are

Dehydrating food has been a form of preservation and it’s actually the oldest in the world. Ancient communities that were still primitive and had not much idea on benefits were fond of drying foods and preserving them for future use in stores. It brings forth food that tastes great and has a shelf life of many months. Dried food tastes really great. Removal of water enhances concentration of taste and flavor and this makes them more delicious. They don’t require chemical additives or preservatives in almost all the cases. The only ingredient required is the specific food that needs drying.

It provides natural end results of nutritious and tasty foods that can go for many months fresh. For those who like brightly colored food and wouldn’t mind the taste of lemons, lemon juice is useful in maintaining food color. Dried foods take up less storage space. They don’t need any refrigerating or freezing and this helps save on electrical consumption. It is cost efficient either way. One can dehydrate their own foods at home or buy those that are already dry from stores. Buying in bulk and storing is much cheaper than constantly shopping. It helps to save foods which would have spoilt in their fresh state.

`Dried foods are better snacks than those bought at the store. One can easily come up with their own fruit invention and this is a healthier replacement. Dehydrated fruits yield chewy snacks that are satisfying and intense in taste. Good examples are apples, pineapples, peaches, apricots, bananas, mangoes, dates, cherries and strawberries. Snacks that are healthier and more advisable include crunchy chips of sweet potatoes, dried kales, flax crackers and kale chips. They are good replacements of salty snacks. Drying herbs at home is much cheaper than buying ready ones from the grocery. One can buy fresh herbs and dry them then store them for long term use. This doesn’t limit the amount that one can dry and they won’t run out as fast.

One has the option of choosing the type of food they want to dry. The best options are locally sourced, pesticide and chemical free. They are portable, easy to travel with and they’re the best source of food for those who are always on the move. They are light in weight, portable, compact and can fit anywhere. They are suitable for people who go camping more often. Drying food reduces wastage and it promotes more consumption of fresh organic produce. One can either invest more in gardening or buying from friend’s gardens. It allows buying more of seasonal food when they are at peak times. One doesn’t need to worry about food going bad.

Dried foodstuffs are also much easier to measure. They are convenient for emergency storage, cooking snacking and camping. One can also dry up food for pets and this cuts back expenses by huge margins. Buying pet food is really costly and this alternative is much cheaper. There are many notable benefits of consuming dry foods or making a habit of drying them at home overtime.


Introduction Of Dried Food


Dried food recipe comes in very handy when one wants food that will last long and one that is also easy to carry around and eat it outdoors, especially, when people are going for camping or hiking. Dehydrated food is easy to serve but one should be extra careful during its preparation. Preparing your own dried food is better than buying dehydrated meals because it is much cheaper and also you get to have fun playing around with different kinds of food to come up with your favorite dried meal.


Rules of preparing dried meals

When one is preparing a dried food recipe they should observe some rules that will make their food to be good and last longer without going bad or have a different taste. The right temperature should be used, food like meat should be dried at a higher temperature so that they can last longer while fruits and vegetables need less heat so that they cannot over dry and lose their taste. Another thing that should not be ignored while coming up with a dried food recipe is the flavor; do not dry foods with different flavors together lest you come up with a nasty tasting meal. Last but not least is preventing spoilage. Keep your dried food in the fridge and when you are cooking it remember to use less oil too. Apart from preserving the taste and preventing the food from going bad, one should also consider that the dried food are meant to be carried. Therefore the choice of the ingredients to be used should be of light foods so that they can be easy to be carried along during the hike or camping.

Since during preparation the fluid from the food was removed, when serving one should ensure they have enough fluids to supplement the one that was lost during the preparation of the meals. There is plenty more information that you can get; if you would like, you can check out here.

Different ways of preparing dry food

There are different ways of preparing a dried meal, you can freeze dry your fruits and vegetables and dry things like meat in the oven. With a drier and a freezer one can come up with the best recipes ever, provided they observe the rules of preparing dehydrated food as stated in the paragraph above. However, dehydrated foods are advantageous to canned and freezed because it is a low-cost way to preserve food and is free from concerns about botulism, and the dried foods require less storage space than canned and freezed goods and also there is no freezer to maintain. If the food is meant to stay for a long time like days or months, then canning is the best method. Canning is not only good for staying for a longer time but is also easier for packing and carrying around because the food is already in a can!

If preparing dried food is difficult for someone, then they can resolve to the ready-made dried food available in the supermarket like crips, soup packets, milk powder, dried fruits, amen noodles ,etc.

What You Should Know About Legacy Food Storage

imagesLegacy Food Storage Company is a company that has decide that enough is enough. People will no longer have to get tired just thinking about preparing a meal that is extremely frozen in the freezer and so raw but instead, they thought of having the best ready to eat meals, even if frozen, as the most interesting way of helping out individuals with such a problem. With its roots in Bear Creek Country Kitchens, it means that from such a very well known and reputable company, only the best can come out of it. Professional chefs are consulted in coming up with the best recipes ever invented so that its consumers can have ingredients of very high quality. With over twenty years of experience, quality is not something to joke about when it comes to this company. An added advantage is that it offers free shipping on orders that are over five hundred dollars.

The lower cost per day offer, incredible value, greater freeze dried meals variety and gourmet tastes are some of the reasons why Legacy Food Storage Company is the place to be when looking for high quality foods. The main goal is to ensure that families are somehow well prepared for emergencies because of the freeze dried food storage because no one knows what the future holds. As a matter of fact, this is the first and only company in the universe to have taken the emergency food storage preparation to a gourmet standard. This is incredible, a world phenomenon.

Legacy Food Storage Company is not afraid to take a leap of faith and compare its services with others in the market. They do tell their consumers why they are better and give also real and practical facts, not just theoretical ones. One good thing about this company is that all its foods are 100% certified GMO free meaning that at the purchase of its products, one does not have to worry about the concerns of consuming ingredients that will mess up their bodies or metabolism or anything of that sort. They are 100% natural and therefore they are completely safe for human consumption. The percentage of sodium has also been reduced by as much as 50% connoting that no hydrogenated oils, yeast extract, caramel color, MSG or artificial flavours are included in this company’s products. The aim is to ensure that everyone can get the healthiest product out there for human consumption.

With the most affordable, dependable and simple solution that human beings have been given to food storage, with the tastiest and finest ingredients ever to be used on the great human tongue. The nutritional values and flavour are things that this company always puts in mind, all for the benefit of the individual taking the chance to try out their products. So, with no further due, people should try out some of the highly qualified products and see that whatever was being said can stand the test of time and will be proven as true now and forever more.

Legacy Dried Chicken – An Overview

dried_whole_chicken_fillet  Sometimes you often find yourself in a hurry, probably because you are late for work, but the  angry screams from your hungry stomach won’t just let you go without ingesting something. And now here comes the disturbing question, what do I eat? The truth is you don’t have to compromise the balanced diet your body deserves simply because you are in a hurry. Legacy has just the solution for you, so you need not worry anymore.

Now Legacy specializes in catering for such emergency cases through offering low cost freeze-dried foods that are ideal and easy to cook during such times. Particularly, the freeze dried chicken is one meal you don’t want to miss. Legacy freeze dried chicken is offered in a special package that contains 16 servings per bag. Each serving weighs approximately 28 grams, 90% of the weight being entirely proteins. Additionally, each serving is capable of adding up to 130 calories into the body. Quite amazing, I presume. Therefore, with Legacy freeze dried chicken, you are assured of a healthier lifestyle with an enhanced immune system, muscle building and other related nutritional benefits.

Legacy freeze dried chicken dices add essential bulk to any food storage supply and due to the proper preservation measures taken, the meat flavor is not fact, you will realize that it tastes just the same as when it was packaged, with the same flavor and tender feel.Legacy freeze dried chicken is very easy to prepare. Actually, the procedure can even be carried by a kid. You simply need to add water to rehydrate and soak the meat for a minute and you are ready to go. Furthermore, you can add any spice or incorporate any other dish to your own convenience since chicken matches with almost any meal. And the real beauty in this freeze dried chicken is that it is GMO free, so you don’t have to worry about a cancer risk.

Legacy freeze dried chicken comes packed in an oxygen absorber and nitrogen flushed pouch that gives it a longer and durable shelf life of up to 25 years. The pouch is also so designed that it allows the user to reseal it any time. On opening the package, the freeze dried chicken can last for one month under room conditions and up to three months in refrigerated conditions. Furthermore, the package is very light in weight for enhanced convenience to allow you to add it to your food storage supply back at home without having to make so much room. The bag also stands easily on the shelf so you just have to store and walk without looking back. This is a perfect way to brighten up your dull emergency food storage supply by adding some proteins and fiber.

Legacy freeze dried chicken is healthy, delicious and absolutely storable to give you that guarantee of a long term supply of proteins and other essentials in your emergency storage. Once you purchase the dried chicken, you are also guaranteed of the legacy premium that ensures that you get that delicious serving at an affordable price to add proteins to your dehydrated emergency food storage supply without unnecessary fat and sodium. Legacy dried chicken is awesome for daily use, the perfect way to go about for your emergency dieting.